April 9, 2018

Let's Talk Dollars, Cents, and Fitness

Financial Gym—It's like a gym, but for your 💰💰💰

I don't care what people say—money is not just money. For someone who grew up with not a lot of it, money for me means opportunity. It means access, and not just to things, but experiences. Experiences that help you grow as a person. On my road to fully-formed adulthood I found that money pops up more often than I'd like (renting my first apartment in New York was nothing but dollar headaches). 

On my road to fully-formed adulthood, I also found out that I'm not nearly as fit as I'd like to be. Physically speaking, yeah, I'd like to be less winded when I journey up my fourth floor walk-up, but I'm really talking about financial fitness. Yes, it's thing.

"I couldn't magically make $50,000 more dollars in a snap, nor could I ignore the major source of my money woes: bills & student debt."

The solution for my lack or cardio strength was easy—stop drinking so much wine and go to the gym, damnit. The solution for my money concerns? Not so straightforward. I couldn't magically make $50,000 more dollars in a snap, nor could I ignore the major source of my money woes: bills & student debt. I would have to *dramatic pause* learn how to budget and figure out how to navigate my current circumstances while simultaneously working to improve them. Fun stuff right? 

What I could do was find the financial equivalent to a Planet Fitness, a financial gym of sorts. Quite literally, I found the Financial Gym. After getting "financially naked" (looking over my income, my bills, general life expenses, and debt) with my trainer Crystal, she prepared a fitness plan for me that was designed to help me save more money while paying down my debt—two big goals of mine.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing with you what exercises she taught me to trim the financial fat and exactly how they're  working for me. As in, wait, can you actually do this? My answer so far: this sh*t ain't easy, but, my future self depends on it, so here we go! 

The Financial Gym offers 1:1 personal training to achieve your goals—smarter saving, freedom from debt, and enough money for the things you want most out of life. My training sessions are complimentary, but all thoughts are my own. Follow along to see if I manage to make it to financial freedom and to see if the Gym can help you with your coins, too!


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