March 29, 2018

You're So Transparent

What do you hide in your purse when you can't hide a thing

You won't find very many people who would use the words "secretive" or "mysterious" to describe me. My thoughts flow out of me with very little strategy or planning because I just don't have the time or the care to shield how I feel or what I think. Because I am an adult woman, I know how to control this in certain company (usually), but for most aspects of my life, I'm happy with this kind of transparency.

Most recently, I've found that I'm happy with this kind of transparency as it applies to accessories. Purses to be specific. This gold trimmed PVC purse was a hell of a find for under $25 and is currently sold out (don't yell at me, okay?), so if you found yourself lusting over it, I am sorry. What I can help you do though is A) plan what you would put in your transparent purse should you find an alternative you like and B) find alternatives.

What To Keep In Your Transparent Bag
  1. Bubble gum - I don't know why, it's just sort of nostalgic. It's also a quick way to make friends, if I remember elementary school correctly. 
  2. A book - This is so people know what you're reading, which will in turn allow them to admire or shun you accordingly.
  3. Cash money - Enough to show you can take care of yourself, but not so much that you become a target for robbery.
  4. A colorful scarf - This adds dimension to the purse while also serving as a potential second accessory on the fly. 
  5. Lipstick - My favorite aunt always told me a lady carries a tube of lipstick on her at all times. Thanks Aunt Una.
Obviously you can keep whatever you'd like in your purse, but these are just thought starters for you. Now, onto alternatives. 

Scoop a clear bag for yourself


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