January 10, 2018

Living Single Is Back and I Am Blessed

This is not a drill. 

Not to be that person, but the same day it was announced that all seasons of Living Single would begin streaming on Hulu starting January 11, the sun started shining and the temperature in New York rose by like 15 degrees. Coincidence? I think not.

Living Single is one of the first shows I saw as a child (despite this NOT being a children's show), that shaped my idea of adulthood (it was also the inspiration behind Friends.) Khadijah was an editor at her own magazine—hello, journalism major here—and had 3 girlfriends who were colorful, funny, and fully formed women. They always gathered in their Brooklyn apartment (also, hi, me) to laugh, cry, and commiserate about life as ambitious single black women in one of the most hectic cities in the world.

I will be planted to my couch watching as many episodes as I can fit into my weekend, but until then, here are a few reasons why Living Single is one of the greatest shows ever made, if you don't know already.

1. These Women Were Real Friends

Even when they were annoyed with each other (Regine and Maxine, in particular) you always knew they had love for each other, no matter what.

2. Regine's Ultimate Doing the Most-ness

If there was ever a character that taught me it was okay to be as over-the-top as I wanted to be, it was Regine. Outfits? Impeccable. Bougie-ness? On one hundred.

3. My First Feminist Inspiration

Maxine Shaw was a tough as hell lawyer who could dish out sarcasm and wit rapid-fire. I remember seeing her take Kyle down (more on him in a bit) with just a few words thinking, "this—this is what I need to learn how to do to men."

4. The Love-Hate Relationship Between Kyle & Maxine

I loved the chemistry between Maxine and Kyle. They never held back from a good roast session and they both had tough enough skin to take it. It was their fictional relationship that taught me how to deal with having a crush—by completely insulting them at every chance.

5. Speaking of Love...

And when they finally admitted they liked each other, ugh, so good. I was too young to fully understand, but I understood, if you know what I mean.

6. Okay, Here's Some More Love

I totally shipped Synclaire and Overton before I knew what it meant to ship anything. These two were completely fine with each other's weird quirks. In fact, they loved each other's weird quirks. With them, love didn't have to be serious, and it made a little me hopeful that I would actually find my own weird, loveable Obie.

7. Yeah, Definitely the Love

I actually forgot how much they got it on on this show. I mean, I'm all for some good lovin', especially when the people look like me. I'm also here for the fact that Khadijah, Queen Latifah's character, got just as much action as the other characters even though she was a plus-sized, tom-boyish character. Skinny, blonde rom-com girls aren't the only ones who have romances, ya' know.

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