October 9, 2017

You're Still The One

I'm so glad we made it, look how far we've come my baby

It's the start of a new week, and what better way to mentally prepare than to dedicate an iconic country love song to yourself. Yes, I said to yourself. Thanks to Broad City's latest episode, I was inspired to revisit Shania Twain's "You're Still the One," and let me tell you, I've felt indestructible ever since.

Let's break down some of my favorite lyrics, for starters:

"Ain't nothing better, we beat the odds together/ I'm glad we didn't listen, look at what we would be missing." 

Life is a tricky son of a, but it's even trickier when you have other people's opinions clouding your mind. It's easy to doubt yourself, and listening to the rest of the world doesn't always help. Know that you trust yourself enough to make the right decision and move with the confidence that you aren't allowing anyone else to live your life for you.

"We mighta' took the long way/But we knew we'd get there someday." 

While you're on the way to wherever it is you're going, patience is probably the number one thing you need to allow yourself. It's hard to stay motivated when what you want seems so far away or when you get knocked back two steps for every one step you take, but like Shania says, you have to just know that you'll get there  someday.

"But just look at us holding on/Still together, still holding strong." 

Ultimately, this song is about overcoming whatever bumps in the road may come up against you, and not just overcoming them, but coming out even stronger. Look friends, I urge you to listen to this song today, and instead of imagining it for someone else, imagine you singing this to yourself.

I will say the metaphor gets a little weird at "you're still the one I kiss goodnight," but I guess if you really wanted to, you could kiss yourself. Do you, boo. I'm not here to judge.

photos: @cookayemonster

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