May 22, 2017

Eternal Disappointment of the Sunless Life

Well, at least it was warm for two days last week

I spend a lot of time compiling lists. To-do lists for work, grocery lists for home, and things-I-will-buy-when-I-become-a-rich-housewife lists because a girl can dream, right? Today's list is brought to you by the sudden change of seasons in New York; the thing that allowed me to wear shorts and a tank one day and forced me to wear this jumpsuit and a jacket then next.

Don't get me wrong, I love this jumpsuit. Have you seen that ruffle? But like, what happened to those 90 degree days, man? In any case, here's a list called "Oh, So You Thought." Thanks global warming.

Oh, So You Thought - A List

1. Oh, so you thought you could put away all of your long black clothes and finally start wearing color?

2. Oh, so you thought you should shave your legs—even above the knee—because you knew you'd be wearing spring dresses all week?

3. Oh, so you thought you could just straighten your hair and walk out of your apartment without an umbrella because the weather app only said 40 percent chance of rain and you figured 40 percent is less than half so maybe it won't really rain? Maybe just drizzle? 

4. Oh, so you thought wearing heels instead of rain boots would be a good idea for your 40-minute Monday morning commute on a wet train? 

5. Oh, so you thought you'd be able to go into the city to shoot your first summer outfit for a "summer is here!" blog post without having to wear a jacket over it despite the rainy, un-summery winds?


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