April 13, 2017

Love x Style x Life

A pretty coffee table book worth reading

I own two categories of books: books of I've purchased with every intention of reading and books I've purchased because they look pretty. Whether it's the cover art, the font, or the color, I'm easily sold when it comes to coffee table books. Love x Style x Life was purchased for this very reason, so imagine my surprise when I cracked open this book and found that the anecdotes were as wonderful as the aesthetic.

"Yes, this book is a "fashion girl's" book, but also, it's not."

Garance Doré's French sense of humor and relatable culture shock to New York made this a go-to commute read. Yes, this book is a "fashion girl's" book, but also, it's not. Just as there are tips for a good smoky eye, there are tidbits about politeness, thoughtfulness, and being a not-shit person, which, surprise, is something a lot of New Yorkers (sometimes myself included) could use.


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