November 14, 2016

4 Things You Need To Make An Updo Work

It's time to stop hiding behind your hair

Natural Curly Hair Updo

I love having big, thick, face framing hair—hair so big you could hide in it. For a long time, I actually hid behind my hair, rarely ever putting it up into a ponytail or bun.  Thanks to confidence that comes with getting older, I've come out from behind my hair, but there's also a formula I have that's helped me embrace updos.

1. Huge Statement Earrings

Let's be real for a second—I have a pretty large head and the same chubby cheeks I've had since I was a baby. Taking that into consideration, I like to wear big, distracting earrings whenever I pile my hair atop my head. These black tassel earrings are the perfect pair for that, and they're also under $15.

2. Bright-As-Hell Lipstick 

Bright lipstick like this coral rouge cream color by Sephora makes for another great distraction. It also makes for a striking combo when paired with an updo. I'm basically saying, "hey, you're going to look at me!"

3. Face Framing Wispies

Now, I know I said I've gotten comfortable not hiding behind hair, and I have, I swear, but I do need a few loose face-framing baby hairs with my updo. I also like that it gives a topknot or donut bun a less prim and proper look—it's a little rough around the edges.

4. Of Course, Self-Confidence

I personally think an updo is a power move. You're demanding that people look you in the eye (or the messy bun). There are a million ways to throw your hair up into an Instagrammable updo, but the one thing I think it requires is a healthy dose of confidence. 

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