May 13, 2016

Love List #6

A round up of the little things that made me smile this week

Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

1) After waiting forever to get Mindy Kaling's second book, I ordered it online and read it on the subway in less than a week. She's a "best friend in my head," and she gets a little more personal in this book. My favorite chapters are the one about her and B.J. Novak  and “Perfect Courtship in My Alternate Life.” 

2) I don't need an more reasons to hate men (okay, maybe not hate), but this story about how Kevin Smiths' daughter almost got kidnapped by some creeps really got me heated. Here he writes about what he did to make her feel better and why men really do suck.

3) I picked this stunner of a necklace from Happiness Boutique and it's so gorgeous I could wear it all day. It's my most ornate piece of jewelry. Use code lululinden for 10% off! 

4) This week I started my new position at The Nest, The Knot's lifestyle sister site for couples. It been such an exciting experience so far because it's been a dream of mine to work at a magazine (well, this is a site, but same concept. It is 2016 after all) my entire life. 

5) How To Actually Spend A Day In Brooklyn on gave me a bit of the exploration bug for my neighborhood. I can forget how diverse New York can be, and how many options there are right around my corner. It's a great read for Brooklynites looking to explore as well as tourists to the area. 

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