August 30, 2015

In Transition

Boho Fall Outfit

If you have the strong urge to start layering everything in your closet right now, just know, I'm there with you. This weekend there was the faintest tease of of fall in the air, so I made a mad dash to my closet and dug out anything layer-worthy.

I've got sweaters, vests and jackets ready to go as soon as the first crunchy leaf falls. Just don't tell my denim cutoffs. As you can see, they're still pleading the case for summer. It would be fair to say I'm a little closet confused right now. 

"For every cool, almost autumn day, mother nature serves one that reminds you that summer ain't going nowhere."

Luckily, this draped tunic is light enough to bridge the seasonal gap. And, living in the south, that's a quality your clothes need, because for every cool, almost-autumn day, Mother Nature serves one that reminds you that summer ain't going nowhere.

Boho Fall Layering
Shearling Vest for FallBoho Fall LayeringFall Accessories Boho Fall Outfit
photos by Kaye McCoy


The So Retro Striped Drape Top was c/o of Living Doll L.A. and Living Doll Plus. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by the brand. Use code LULULINDEN20 to get your order 20% off. 

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