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New Season, New Bag (for Under $40)!

September 27, 2016

Here's The Deal With Chrome Nails

So, I'm never getting a regular manicure again — here's why

How To Get Chrome Nails

If you've been on Instagram scrolling through all the beauty tags, you've seen those super shiny, metallic, reflective nails that look like they're from the future — chrome nails, they're called. After a few envious double taps, I knew I had to try them for myself.

September 26, 2016

The Fall Transition

It's nothing a basic black dress & chambray can't fix

Little Black Dress

Transitional periods always throw us for a loop, right? As if we didn't know in between "Point A" and "Point B" would be "Point Oh My Gosh, What Am I Doing Right Now?" It's always been like that for me, anyway. Knowing that I had no idea what the summer-to-fall period in New York would be like, I let the uncertainty take me. Instead of fighting, I kept it simple. In fact, I kept it basic. Little Black Dress basic.

September 25, 2016

New Me, New Perfume

A perfume for the grown woman who gets s#!t done

Coco Noir Perfume

I've had it with sorta-kinda dancing around the idea that I'm an grown a** woman. I make a lot of jokes at my own expense about struggling through adulthood and "adulting," but the truth is, I'm ready to grab a hold of my life and be a Beyoncé-style grown woman. I'm #bossingup!


First Fall Weekend In New York

A brunch In Little Italy leads to a surprise festival

Sunday Brunch

 This weekend was an important one for me, and apparently, all of Little Italy, too. I start my new job (my real real job — more on that later) Monday, and I wanted to mentally prepare for it. Instead of having a raging weekend, I was going for something more relaxed, more mature—a weekend that said, "Hello, I'm Audrey, a 25 year-old-girlboss who's just landed a dream job she's way too excited to start and is here for a reasonably good time."

August 29, 2016

Summer Whites

Because every summer has an all white outfit

I don't feel like summer is really summer until I've worn an all white outfit. You know, the kind of all white outfit that just begs you to spill your iced coffee or lean against a wall that's just been painted. It's a risky sartorial move, for sure, but damn if it doesn't just look so fresh.

August 24, 2016

How I Styled My Summer Goddess Locs

Before summer disappears, let's talk summer hair!

How To Style Goddess Locs

Because I am so clearly obsessed with this new style I tried for summer, I got a little carried away when it came to styling it. There was just so much I could do with these goddess locs versus my regular hair. 

So, to celebrate this carefree summer version of myself, I did a little tutorial video of some of the easiest ways I've found to style them. If you have any questions about how I installed these (or about anything else), leave 'em below! 

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